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Tank Pump Sets

Most cooling systems require some type of storage tank and pumping unit. A BluChill Tank – Pump Set can meet all of your storage and pumping requirements. Typically used for cooling towers or fluid coolers, these custom built Tank – Pump Sets are designed to maximize the performance of your cooling system. Ranging from a simple tank with a single pump to a 1200 gallon hot/cold tank with multiple pumps, BluChill Tank – Pump Sets are specially engineered to meet your requirements.

All tanks are welded stainless steel or epoxy coated, cold rolled steel. They can be equipped with a weir to separate the hot and cold sides for greater efficiency. Hot/cold tanks are normally fitted with two pumps, one for the process and one to recirculate to the cooling tower or fluid cooler. The system is self-balancing with any mismatch in flow rates overflowing the weir to the other side of the tank.

BluChill Tank – Pump Sets can be equipped with one, two or three stainless steel centrifugal pumps. A typical configuration is one process pump on the cold side of the tank, one recirculating pump to the cooling tower or fluid cooler on the hot side of the tank and one standby pump. The standby pump is piped to serve as a backup for the process pump or the recirculating pump. All pumps are fitted with suction and discharge valves and unions or flanges on both the suction and discharge, allowing the pump to be removed for service without draining the tank. Pressure gauges are fitted on the discharge of every pump.

Electrical controls include starters and switches for all pumps, digital thermometers on the cold and hot side of the tank, a digital thermostat to control the cooling tower or fluid cooler fans and a NEMA 12 electrical enclosure. Other standard equipment includes a structural steel skid, hinged or one-piece galvanized steel lid, automatic fill valve, drain connection at the bottom of the tank and an overflow connection at the top of the tank.

Optional equipment includes a NEMA 4 electrical enclosure, stainless steel lid, over temperature alarm, flow switches, insulation, heaters, additional tower or fluid cooler controls and special paint or colors. Call us today to get the exact Tank – Pump Set you need.

ModelCapacityOverall WidthOverall LengthTank DimensionsApproximate Shipping Wt
Stainless SteelEpoxy Coated SteelGallonsInchesInchesW x L x HPounds
TPS150SSTPS15015736.553.536 x 24 x 47350
TPS200SSTPS20020948.553.548 x 24 x 47420
TPS300SSTPS30031448.565.548 x 36 x 47500
TPS400SSTPS40040460.565.560 x 36 x 47540
TPS400SSTPS40040448.565.548 x 36 x 59540
TPS500SSTPS50052460.577.560 x 48 x 47600
TPS500SSTPS50049448.565.548 x 36 x 71600
TPS600SSTPS60061760.565.560 x 36 x 71725
TPS800SSTPS80082360.577.560 x 48 x 71880
TPS1000SSTPS100098772.577.572 x 48 x 71960
TPS1200SSTPS1200119572.589.572 x 60 x 711025