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Low Temperature Process Chillers

ModelBtu/hr @ 50ยบFL x W x H
PCR5ACLT31,80053 x 30 x 56
PCR7.5ACLT37,00053 x 30 x 67
PCR10ACLT62,00054 x 30 x 67
PCR13ACLT78,95053 x 36 x 70
PCR150ACLT98,40076 x 48 x 56
PCR220ACLT120,000129 x 48 x 56
PCR300ACDLT197,000129 x 48 x 65

Low temperature chillers are our specialty. PCR Low Temperature chillers are available in cooling capacities from 1 to 16 tons (rated at an output temperature of 15oF). Designed and built for applications down to –50oF. Indoor, outdoor and split system air condensing units can be built as portable or central chillers. Water condensing units can be built for a wide range of cooling water supplies. Fully equipped with no shortcuts. Every PCR Low Temp chiller is rigorously tested to insure non-stop service in critical applications around the clock.

Steel frame and cover panels Rugged structural steel frame reduces flexing & provides maximum protection from impact damage. Removable panels provide easy access for routine maintenance and service.

Long-life compressors Our smaller PCR Low Temp chillers feature welded hermetic scroll or reciprocating compressors. Larger Low Temp chillers are equipped with extra heavy duty-semi-hermetic compressors. All Low Temp chillers are equipped with crankcase heaters and suction accumulators for compressor protection and added capacity.

Equipped for low temp service Subcoolers and oil separators are used when needed to insure maximum performance at subzero temperatures. Low Temp units are double insulated and Extra Low Temp models are triple insulated.

Hot gas bypass This system provides + 1oF temperature control over a range of -30 to +20oF without short cycling the compressor. Reduces wear and tear and increases efficiency.

Application specific evaporator Regardless of your flow rate or coolant, BluChill will hand select an evaporator to optimize the performance of your chiller.

Stainless steel pump & tank No plastic or ferrous metals to worry about. All coolant circuits are hard piped in copper or stainless steel (optional). Circulating pumps are specified for the viscosity of your low temperature fluids.

Options Indoor, outdoor & split systems in air condensing models. Water condensing units available with high efficiency or cleanable condensors. We welcome custom units. Call with your requirements (302-658-2638).