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Welcome To BluChill Industrial Process Chillers

BluChill is the manufacturer of the rugged PCR series refrigerated process chillers. These versatile chillers are used to cool a wide range of manufacturing and process equipment. Whether protecting your equipment from overheating or maintaining tight temperature control for a critical process, PCR chillers are designed and built to provide reliable service 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All standard models are complete package chillers, including a process pump and coolant reservoir.

The company was founded in 2007 to serve the industrial process chiller market when a former manufacturer relocated out of the area. All of our employees are highly experienced in designing and manufacturing industrial process chillers. With a large concentration of customers in the Mid-Atlantic and New England regions, BluChill is aggressively pursuing customers throughout North America.

BluChill offers a broad range of package chillers:

  • The standard PCR series: 1 to 15 horsepower with hermetic scroll or reciprocating compressors. Standard temperature range (30°F to 70°F). Air condensing, remote air condensing (split system) or water condensing models.
  • The heavy-duty PCRHD series: 5 to 60 horsepower with semi-hermetic compressors.

Single or dual compressors. Available in three temperature ranges: Standard temperature range (20°F to 70°F), low temperature range (-30°F to 20°F) and extra low temperature range (-50°F to -10°F). Air condensing, remote air condensing (split system) or water condensing models.

BluChill welcomes custom applications. When a standard model doesn’t quite fit, we will gladly build a custom unit to meet your exact requirements. PCR chillers can be built for indoor or outdoor installations, hazardous locations, wash down service, high and low ambient temperatures, marine or other highly corrosive environments, limited access areas (reduced footprint or low profile), custom finish requirements and redundant applications. Our design team welcomes your biggest challenges.

Our goal at BluChill is simple. We will provide quality equipment at a fair price, deliver it on time and support our customers before and after the sale. So please call us for a pleasant experience with your next chiller. It will be our pleasure to serve you.