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Water Condensing Process Chillers

ModelBtu/hr @ 50ยบFL x W x H
PCR1.5WC22,80036 x 22 x 40
PCR2WC30,00036 x 22 x 40
PCR3WC45,60036 x 22 x 40
PCR4WC55,20036 x 22 x 44
PCR5WC72,00036 x 22 x 44
PCR8WC98,40052 x 28 x 53
PCR10WC123,60053 x 28 x 53
PCR12WC144,00054 x 28 x 53

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PCR Series water condensing chillers are fully equipped process chillers available in cooling capacities of 1 to 12 tons (rated at an output temperature of 50oF). When your cooling water supply isn’t cool enough, let a PCR water-condensing chiller provide the temperature you need. Built like the big expensive chillers yet compact enough to fit where you need them without breaking your budget. All PCR watercondensing chillers include features not found on the competition’s standard models.

Welded steel frame Rugged structural steel frame reduces flexing & minimizes stress on the refrigeration piping. Provides maximum protection from impact damage.

Galvannealed steel panels Removable panels provide easy access for routine maintenance and service.

State of the art compressors Welded hermetic scroll or reciprocating compressors are designed for long-life service.

Hot gas bypass Provides + 1oF temperature control over a range of 30 to 70oF without short cycling the compressor. Reduces wear and tear and extends compressor life.

High efficiency evaporator Compact stainless steel plate evaporators are selected to provide maximum cooling capacity for your application.

Stainless steel pump & tank 100% corrosion resistant coolant circuits are piped in copper. Centrifugal circulating pump offers maximum flexibility.

High Efficiency condensor Conservatively sized condensors for varying temperatures of city water, well water, tower water or central cooling water systems. Equipped with bronze automatic water regulating valves.

Options Condensing water circulating pumps, loss of flow and pressure alarms. Oversized condensors and city water switchover for critical applications. Heaters, special coolants, custom paint, oversized tanks, high or low flows, hazardous locations and more. Call us with your requirements (302-658-2638).